Are you a woman with blue eyes? Then this is the additional feature of your persona. I like gray and blue colored eyes as it grabs naturally everyone’s attraction. Even the girls with blue eye do not have an eye makeup they look beautiful in simple look too. But girls you can pop up blue eyes with different type of makeup using tricks. These ideas will help you to have a makeover on blue eyes. Mostly you should go with matte shades as it enhances up the eyes beauty but it also depends upon your choice and taste if you do shimmery makeover or glittery. Makeup artists mostly suggests dark eye liners for blue eyes for example a purple shade liner will do best to blue eyes but it depends upon the eye shape too that what kind of liner color suits the best. You may go with black too. I have some pictures that can give you an idea.

1.    Blue liner

beautiful blue eyeliner1

2.    Stunning blue eye makeup

blue and white makeup 2

3.    Blue shade over the eyes can enhance the eye beauty

Cool  Colors For Blue Eyes 3

4.    Blended dark shade

Cool makeup  for blue eyes 4

5.    Glittery tiger print blue eyes makeup

cute leopad eye makeup 5

6.    Black liner also suits to blue eyes

golden eye makeup 6

7.    3 shades using to pop up eyes

Prom Makeup For Blue Eyes 7

8.    Purple eye makeover

shiny eye makeup 8

9.    Beige eye makeup

soft eye makeup 9

10.    Gladiator blue eye makeup

Trendy Gold Eyes Makeup 10