Are you crazy about jewelry with captivating and extraordinary styles and designs? Cheer up today we are coming to brought for you gorgeous and stunning flowers of jewelry which has been made from yarn or fiber with the usage the crochet technique.
These flowers are not only different from styles but also can draw the attention of any one due to its alluring designs with eye catching color scheme. Let’s take a glance on this compilation.

After the examine of the entire compilation you can see the beautiful and stunning jewelry items like, necklace, hair pins, bracelet, rings has been equipped with fiber and fabric flowers and embellished with beads ,stones and ribbons giving a gorgeous look to these accessories. The whole anthology has been furnishing with the usage of mouth watering rain bow colors. And will be superior choice of the modish and trendy girls.

Compilation:  “Crochet jewelry flowers”
Color scheme: Aqua, cream, grey, emerald green, navy blue, baby and shocking pink etc
Embellished with: Stones, beads, fiber and fabric flowers
Ready for:  Modish and trendy girls
Perfect for:  Outings, gatherings and parties


collection of Crochet Jewelry Flowers


Crochet Jewelry Flowers