Mehndi is considered as a symbol of happiness, it is the part of Asian culture and all Asian women love to adorn their hands with the application of mehndi at different special occasions. Long ago, women apply mehndi on the entire hands and the sole of feet in simple style for religious festivals and for weddings.

Now the trend has changed and women draw intricate designs of mehndi on hands, feet, arms and legs also not only for wedding but for other events or casually.

We have discussed and presented in our previous posts intricate mehndi designs for hands but now we have come up with beautiful mehndi designs for feet. So a lady can accentuate her beautiful feet with these designs that we have compiled in an images gallery.

Young and teenage girls are crazier about the application of mehndi on feet for different special occasions and especially for wedding ceremonies.

There are different concepts about mehndi color some say that the dark color of mehndi is the indication of deep love of mother-in-law while other consider it is the sign of deep and true love of husband.

This mehndi design is amazing and beautiful and will make the foot look filled without having too much detail and complex design because it is neither too full nor too less and easy to make also.

Mehndi is used just for outline the design and the entire design is filled with different colors glitter to make the foot more beautiful and attractive and a girl can use the colors of the glitter match to her attire.

This design is so simple and perfect for those girls who shy away from full mehndi designs. A beginner can easily try this simple design, made just on the fingers, a cute flower is made alongside the nails on each finger and the fingers are fully covered with mehndi dots looking so simple and easy even a young girl can also make this design very quickly.

This complex design is perfect for the brides to make on both feet made not only the feet but also on the legs. In this design feet are fully covered with the application of mehndi design so it will work well just for the brides and to make the design more beautiful you can add some glitter or stones to this design.

A young lady will definitely love this simple and pretty design, just a simple motif is made on the ankle side of the foot. This design can be apt for any function or occasion to make the foot look really beautiful.