Men’s suits are sober and a great choice for any formal event, no matter what color and size you have the one thing which enhance the beauty of these pant suits is the brooch over it. You will not see groom having the wedding wear suit without a brooch or boutonniere so today my selection is the classy designs brooches that are new and latest. You are going to attend any party or the formal event, your appearance is pant suits look sophisticate.
As the women need to have brooches tucked on Sarees, Hijab or on dupatta, as the men need to display on coat or shirt of pant suit. The brooches or pins displayed on chest of the men dress are historically defined and the trend changes according to the culture or fashion. These brooches consists of many shapes and sizes sometimes tells the personality of the wearer and also the ranks, as in past or even today the military officers were starred having star shape brooches on their uniform.
In Middle Ages the wide use of brooches as the jewelry trend was trendy way of enhancing the dress beauty that’s while for different ages certain shapes were famous, for example the rounded brooches were worn in the middle age by men and women. So let’s come to collect the latest design brooches for men suits so that they look more restrained and sophisticate.

Double chain mask face brooch:

1. Brooches collection for mens suits

The mask face is popular in jewelry items and this double chain small mask brooch is giving some mysterious look, so you can attain this appearance too having on your pant suit. Wear this brooch on your black formal suit and get tremendous style.

Traditional big size brooch:

2. Brooches collection for mens suits

Indian actor is looking sober wearing the big size golden and green brooch that is inspired by the Mughal age where emperors were used to wear precious brooches on their colorful dresses. This can wear by tradition grooms to attain the elegant and ethnic style.

Red rose brooch for men suit:

3. Brooches collection for mens suits

The red rose double chain brooch is very beautiful and the red color of this ribbon rose brooch will make your dress prominent in any type of gathering. This will look awesome on any color suit but more on black by enhancing the grace of dress.

Plaid flower brooch:

4. Brooches collection for mens suits

Floral brooches catch the attention as they have natural beauty especially when you wanna attend the spring or summer beach weddings. The plaid flower brooch is looking cool on even tweed pant coat wear for winter.

Lion face small brooch:

5. Brooches collection for mens suits

Dare for the lion face brooch especially if you believe on stars and you are Leo. The lion also represent authority so show your status or the nature by representing this brooch.