Under traditions of Islam in some Muslims countries women need to cover their faces and body with an outer garment called Burqa. Of late there has been pandemonium in some western European countries don’t cover the faces because of crime then designer make a similar garments worn by women in many countries called abayas that confused not well versed with the nomenclature.

Abaya is a swathe that is worn by women in Arabian countries. In some places it is cover entire body except the hair and face. In fact Abaya has a face veil which covers all face except eyes who wear this cloak like garment. Burqa is one piece outer garment worn by Muslims women in South Asias part of the Islamic tradition that requires women to keep their body covered when moving out of their home. Burqa cover the entire face of the women. According to the interpretation of the Quran the faces of women must remain covered  as it happen to be most tempting part that has been labeled as awrah .

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