What Shape of Glasses I Should Wear according to My Face Shape?

I think this is the one of most important questions that’s answer should be discovered by every men & women before selecting an eyewear. Is it? Ye of course it is. If you just go on a shop & buy an eyewear that you like most & don’t consider your face shape then of course there are 100% chances that this eyewear can ruin your overall look if your bad luck time is running & if by chance your good luck time is running then this can suits you best. But why you play such dangerous game? I think you should play on the safer side.  That is possible only when you first determine your right face shape & then choose an eyewear by keeping your face into the mind. The first important task that you need to do is “determine your face shape? But how? Well there are lots of ways. First one is stand in front of a mirror & draw a pattern on mirror with removable pen or lipstick & check whether it’s square, round, hear or oval? Of course this pattern will determine your face shape. Second way is you can capture your selfie & then determine your face shape by judging your selfie. Third way is ask your friend whether he/she can capture your face close picture & then determine your face shape. Most commonly found face shapes are round, square, oval & heart. In which category your face lies? Well, whether it’s round or square, heart or oval, here is a complete guideline for you. Read the following pints & choose best eyewear for your face shape.

Square Face Shape & Glasses Guide:

1 glasses for the Square Face shape men

A square face is a shape that has wider forehead, wider cheek, wider jaw line & wider chin. There is a great need to soften the impact of all these strong features by choosing an eye wear that has neutral color frame or you can choose rimless glasses if you like. The thin frame is also best. For square shape the round shape glasses, aviator, sporty shape eyewear are best. They can also wear oval shape eyewear. It is strongly suggested to you to avoid wearing square shape glasses & wayfarer because these can make your face to look wider & square.



2 glasses  Square Face shape

Round Face Shape & Eyewear Selection:

3 round face shape men
Round face shape men & women usually have fuller cheeks & round chin. The length & width of their face is almost same. This round face is also looks wider from cheek but narrow from forehead & jaw line. So, I think round face shape people should avoid wearing round shape glasses because these can give a more round look to them. They should go with square shape glasses, wayfarer & cat eye style glasses. The angular frames can play a vital role in order to reduce the roundness of the face. Strong details on frames can also best for reducing roundness.
4 round face shape & cat eye glasses

Heart Face Shape & Appropriate Glasses:

5 heart face  shape men

Heart face shape has a forehead that is broader & it has jaw line that is a little bit pointed. For this shape you need eyewear are less wide from the top because this wilderness can make your forehead to look more wider while eyewear which are wider from bottom works well on this face shape such as rounded shape cat eye, sporty style eyewear, wayfarer are best. Choose light color frames. The frames with details on bottom part are also best. Rimless frames also works well. Don’t wear aviator because these are wider from the top.
6 heart face shape cat eye

Oval Face & Suitable Eyewear:

7 oval face shape men
Oval face shape has balanced traits but its jaw line is slightly narrow as compared top forehead. Square shape eyewears are best in order to shorten the look of ovalness of the face. You can also try aviator. If we talk about the frames of eyewear then oval face shape men & women can choose bright colors of frames. Cat style eyewear is also best option. Round & square both shapes of frame can go best. But don’t wear very tiny size & very large size eyewear.
8 oval face shape wear wayfarer