Tissue Boxes:

Tissue boxes are very necessary for home. When you decorate your home & various parts of your home then you usually keep little things also into your consideration. You pay attentions towards the pillow covers, table centerpieces, wall décor, mats & rugs & similarly towards lots of things. For avoiding lots of diseases, you usually try to keep every corner of your home clean. For this purpose lots of measures are necessary.

One of these measures is the placement of tissue paper at various places. You can keep tissue paper into the kitchen, at dining table, into washroom, near wash basin, into bedroom or in living room. You usually keep tissue paper into a tissue box so I think this tissue box should be selected quite carefully so that it can go right with your home them & decoration.

A beautiful tissue box always becomes a source of attraction. It looks like a decoration piece. Now days, various home designers are lunching these little home accessories into different styles. I am going to share some very unique & interesting styles before you on this page. Let’s have a look!

Piano Tissue Box:

1 different styles Tissue Box Covers (1)

It is very clearly shown from the above picture that this tissue cover or tissue box is designed by taking inspiration from the Piano. Black & white threads are used for creating piano design while yellow & green color flower is also created on the top surface. It really looks very nice on your dining table.

Chimney Tissue Box:

2 different styles Tissue Box Covers (2)

This tissue box is designed very creatively. The tissue come outside from the Chimney & also gives the impression of smoke. That’s why I call it chimney tissue box. It will look very pretty into your bedroom or living room.

Pillow Style Tissue Box:

3 different styles Tissue Box Covers (14)

Have a look at this extremely creative style of tissue box this seems quite similar to a pillow. You can use it also as a tissue box cover. Just a right choice for your traditional living room!

Robot Tissue Box Idea:

4 different styles Tissue Box Covers (8)

Check out this another interestingly designed tissue box that looks like a robot. You can keep it into your carton or robot lover kid’s room.

Unique Designs of Tissue Boxes:

By looking towards the following pictures you can get more ideas about different styles of tissue boxes. Some are designed by taking inspiration from hat while some are from cat or tea table. By looking towards these pictures you can also get ideas about handmade tissue boxes. These are usually available at different prices as well as into different sizes & shapes. Have a look!