Abayas are widely employed by ladies not only in Islamic countries but also in western countries. These are beneficial for those ladies that are in need of wrapping their bodies properly. So there have come distinct styles and designs in diverse fabric. Here we have varieties of abayas stitched in fine and nice way. Abbays in black colors with additions of patches of colored clothes, silver machine work on neckline and on sleeves, zinc embroidery on it and v neckline of feroze color are superb and wonderful.

Abbays in stylish and spacious pattern have been prepared. Purple popping flower bon one side of shoulder and abaya in brochea floral with red hanging pom is giving stylish appearance to this covering fabric.

Here is huge variety of abayas and all these are in black color with finery of machine embroidery in different designs and colors. Usually necklines and sleeves are embroidered and make this covering modish and chic.

Abayas are now available in fascinating styles and finishing. These abayas are the completion of those women desires that want to give the impression of classy as these have modern styles. Abayas’ lower portion has been in broad and narrow mode and embossing of fur on one side is captivating and demanding.