In this modern age every women wants to look slim & smart by loosing her weight as soon as possible. In this regard I am going to tell you some point which helps you to make your body fit & slim in a very short span of time. As we all know that in order to loss weight or getting mandatory fitness the role of exercises, eating healthy food items plus some amazing tips is very important. All these will keep our body fit internally as well as externally. So, now you should read out this article & look into the pictures, which are shown in the last of this article, for making your body fit at home.

Role of Exercises in Our Body Fitness:
Exercises play an important role in order to make a good shape of our body as well as for losing weight. There may be a list of excuses such as I am busy with my studies, in kitchen, watching TV dramas, movies, but the exercises that I am going to tell you are very easy & can easily be done at home plus these exercises takes very less time for instance 20 to 25 minutes. These are:
1)    Running
2)    Walking
3)    Bicycling
4)    Jumping rope
5)    Exercising like a mountain climber
6)    Planks and Pushups Exercise
7)    Squats-variations at home
8)    Stairs/Step Exercise at home
9)    Exercise with kettlebells
All these are shown in the following images. Look at these & then try at you home. Hope you will surely feel a great difference in you body fitness as compared to the previous.

Role of Food Items in Body Fitness:
If you don’t have an idea about what type of food you should eat in order to keep your body fit? Then read out this article because this provides you various ideas about the healthy food items which ultimately keep you & your body fit.
1)    Eat fresh food items but always in a specific quantity means balance diet.
2)    Juices play an important role in order to keep you fit & healthy.
3)    Don’t overload your belly with lots of fruits for example you can eat 4 to 5 strawberry or 1 mango at one time. The small size fruits such as grapes may be taken in the form of a small bunch while the large size fruits such as mango or apples only one.
4)    Don’t try to skip your meal because it may damage or harm your digestion system, so you should be careful about your meals such as breakfast, lunch or dinner at perfect timings.
5)     Food items which contain on Carbohydrates should be used because these fruits keep you fit & slim but always take a right amount or quantity of these food items.
Some Easy Tips for Keeping Your Body Fit or Losing Weight:
There are:
1)    Drink 7 to 8 glass of water in a day.
2)    Maintaining your sleeping time.
3)    Reducing stress & tension.
4)    Save& protect yourself from the pollution.
5)    Consuming healthy food items such as you can replace your white or unhealthy bread with wheat bread, artificial juices with fresh fruits juices.
6)    You should always follow the rule “Slow & steady wins the race” during your weight loss process.
7)    Mix dry fruits such as dates and prunes in a small quantity with fresh fruits because they help in burning excessive fats from your body in addition these also reduces cholesterols from your body & then keep you fit.
8)    Usage of watery fruits such as watermelon, leads to provide enough water to your body which in result improves your digestion system.
9)    Usage of fresh vegetables such as spinach & Salads (in the place of bread means roti or rice) is also very important because along with keeping you fit all these also cleanse your blood & make your heart healthy.
10)     Less Usage of cakes, sweets or food items which contain on sugar.
11)     Drink water before Eating.
12)     Drink Lemon juice by mixing it in hot water in every morning.
13)     Fewer usages of oily products.
14)     Daily Exercise.

Hope you will get benefits from these tips. You can also take help from the following pictures!

Role of Exercises in Our Body Fitness
Role of Food Items in Body Fitness
Some Easy Tips for Keeping Your Body Fit or Losing Weight

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