Salad has turn out to be supplementary significant or a crucial thing and food item in our meal & food. Mostly families considered the lunch table incomplete without salad and can not envisage eating meal or any feast etc. But the chief thing of the salad should be its presentation which makes salad yummier and delicious, when every one looks at the salad presentation; he ought to be have this desire that “eat it immediately”. In spite of this, the salad decoration is also measured the great skill of anyone housewife. Owing to salad festooned and meal presentation you can leave a great impact on your guest and also make your home happy. We have some great but easy to make salad decoration ideas that are much simple and can be utilized for daily routine. Let’s have a look…
For easy salad decoration you should have green salad leaves, red tomatoes, carrots, strawberry, onions and the things you have available in your home.

You can cut all these things in round, long, thin, zigzag, square and much more style and can keep them in a bowl or plate one by one beautifully. This salad decoration will give a great look because of natural dark color combination which must attract your family members. For better salad presentation, firstly you should use green leaves at the bottom of salad plate or the top of salad then it will look fresh and bright. Boiled eggs and cherry combination is an appropriate and easy salad decoration and melon with tomatoes are also cute but simple easy to make salad idea. You can use all these salad things in different style like spinach, crunch and etc. You can enjoy your meal with these above easy salad ideas and can get great appreciation from anyone…

Ideas: salad decoration
Food item: Salad
Used things: Vegetables or fruits
Perfect for: Daily routine

Avocado Strawberry Spinach Salad idea

Baby-Spinach-Salad-recipe idea

best Easy Salad Decoration Ideas