Monsoon Season:

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Monsoon is basically a seasonal changing pattern; it refers to a rainy phase (heavy rainfall). At the arrival of this season, there are dirty roads, mucky streets & muddy places all these leads towards the dirty feet, and delays in public places. In this season, the means of transportation also greatly affected. This situation leads us into a dilemma on how to go on work & how to come back home. Furthermore, people, who are very much conscious about fashion, also very much tensed on how they should dress-up themselves so that they can easily tackle with this monsoon weather. The matter of fact is that everyone wants to look fashionable, styli & professional plus comfortable even in this season. So what you should do? Read the following points carefully & get tips on Monsoon fashion. I strongly hope that these tips will work.

Hooded Tops:

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In monsoon season, because there is rain everywhere, therefore it is preferable for girls & boys, men & women plus for kids to wear a hooded top. There are some tops which have detachable hood so you can use when you feel a need of it or you can remove it when you never need it. These hooded tops save your head from rain. Buy stylish hooded tops in monsoon season.

High Knee Booties:

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Mostly, in monsoon season, there is muddy water everywhere, so for going on work you need a pair of high knee booties because this pair will helps you to walk comfortable without wetting your feet. You can use sandals or flip flops also.

Sturdy Umbrella:

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Don’t forget to keep a strong medium size umbrella with you because you can use it in case of cats & dogs rain. Buy a colorful umbrella because it can add some style into your personality.

Waterproof Wrist Watch:

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Wrist watch has a great significance into our lives for performing all of our daily duties on time. In monsoon season you can buy a waterproof wristwatch. In this age of fashion you can find lots of stylish waterproof wristwatches into the market. Just visit & buy.

Suitable Denims:

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In this season, you should be careful before buying one or more denims for you. Try to avoid the light colored jeans or denims because in this season due to rain or mud it can become really very dirty and lots of the stains of mud or dirt became visible on it & it is also very difficult to wash. So buy dark color plus comfortable denim or jeans for you. Don’t go with too tight & too loose jeans or denims because in which you may feel irritation just try to choose an average fit dark color denims for you.

Colorful Dresses:

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If you want to attend a party which held in this monsoon season then don’t worry about colorful dresses. Just play with colors. Wear a floral print knee length flared dress. You can go with lace embellished simple yet elegant dress. Sleeveless style is preferable. Don’t forget to wear a rain coat on it before going outside. When you reach at the required venue then you can remove rain coat & enjoy the party.

Stylish Raincoats:

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Now days, you can find lots of stylish, elegant, colorful, long & short raincoats into the market as you can a very nice brown color knee length hooded raincoat into the above picture which is just right option for the monsoon season.

Waterproof Make-up:

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First of all it is preferable not to apply make-up in this season. But if you like make-up & don’t like to go outside without makeup then I think you should use “Waterproof makeup products”.

Waterproof Handbags:


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Try to keep you all necessary documents & papers (lots of other items) into a waterproof handbag. Into the market you can get colorful & stylish waterproof handbags.

Monsoon Fashion:

In monsoon season you can play with color blocking by layering different types of clothes. In this way you can not only add some style into your personality but you can also save yourself from rainy weather. You can cut your old jeans for making a Capri. You can wear your casual flip flop pair of shoe with this recycled jean. So, in this monsoon season, by practicing upon these tips you can get a funky look!