Hairs have a great importance in a woman’s personality. Hairs ultimately lead to increase the beauty of a woman. That’s why we cannot deny the importance of hair in a woman’s life. Imagine a woman without hair she will look very gauche & awkward. So you should be very careful about your hairs & take care of them. Every person has some different types of hairs. Some people have hair with less volume while some with huge volume.

About the washing of hair it is said that it depends on the season. In winter season to wash hair only twice in a week is needed with lukewarm water while in summer season you can wash your hair after two days. Some critics said that it is a subject to personal preferences. Some hair experts & dermatologists said that washing of hair depends upon the types of hair that a person have plus on the scalp issue.

Basically there is no need to wash hair daily because when you wash anything or an item every day then it will become very worse with the passage of time so be careful about the washing of your hairs & try to wash these when ever you need. You should change your shampoo after two three months because continues usage of one type of shampoo can lead to create some problems with your hairs. Hairs are very important so you should treat them carefully.

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Wash Your Hair with Lukewarm Water in Winter Season while with Cold Water in Summer Season

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After Washing hair Usage of Conditioner is Beneficial

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After Washing Your Hair Leave them for Air-dry

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Comb Your Hair Carefully

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