Lovers of puppies! Here you can find all about of your favorite puppy, but here our discussion is limited to the Cairn terrier dog. It is said about this breed of puppy that is originated from the Scotland. This kind of dogs is mostly used for hunting and den prey. They have short legs while their body is long. They look like a fox at the first glance & have shaggy coat. They have deep black eyes while their nose is also black. Their life expectancy ranges from 10 to 15 years.

If you like this breed then you can choose the color (black, white, gray, brown) of your own choice. They are lovable, friendly, alert & energetic. They are curious about the learning new things. Daily walk is very necessary for these kinds of puppies. Cairn terrier can easily gain weight but if you like a smart & slim puppy then you must take care about his diet. You should provide them a yard for playing. Always keep your Cairn Terrier Puppy in its original coat because it prevents your puppy from lots of skin irritation.

About: Cairn terrier Puppy
Originated from: Scotland
Looks like a: Fox
Hairs: Long

black and white Cairn Terrier puppy

Cairn Terrier dog pappy

Cairn Terrier puppy collection