Learn Golden Beauty Tips from Grandmother:

Everyone loves their grandparents. Do you also have grandparents? Then dear it’s the right time to go into your grandmother room & asks her best beauty secrets. Believe me she will amaze you with lots of effective tips that you never ever find on web. Grandmothers are very affectionate towards their grandson or granddaughter. They always love you a lot. So, whenever you have free time then give some time to the elder people & add memorable moments into your life. There are some young girls & boys who never ever see their grandparents because they may die. So, I feel really very sad from heart for them. So, dear girls, who never have a grandmother, how you will get grandma’s golden beauty secrets? Don’t worry I am here for your assistance. Today, I like to share my grandmother’s golden beauty secrets with you that I steal I mean I learned from her. Let’s starts!
1)    In order to beautify your personality, I think the first & the most important aspect is your skin. It must be refreshing, acne free, smooth & healthy. So, grandmother says that for good skin the moisturizing is very necessary.
2)    Grandmother said that instead of using high expensive products for getting glowing skin, it is best for you to eat fresh fruits & veggies. Scientists have also proved that the women who eat fruits their skin is more glowing & fresh as compared from those who never ate fruits.
3)    Grandmother said that don’t pluck your eyebrow too much. Always keep full & groomed brows for looking bold.
4)    For treating your dry skin, chapped lips & furthermore more your cracked heels, grandmother’s suggestion is to use “Vaseline”. In this modern age usually young girl ignore this extremely important product & buy very expensive items for lips, skin & heels but dear this cheapest one can do wonders if used regularly, said by the grandma.
5)    Grandmother said “keep in mind that the most beautiful women are beautiful because they make other feel beautiful”.
6)    Grandmother said that brush your hair with wooden comb for getting best hair.
7)    You read on different blogs that “you should wash your make-up face before going on bed”, this is actually one of the best grandmother’s beauty secrets.
8)    Grandmother said that don’t drink cold drinks or beverages with straw because this drinking posture can create lines around your mouth. Do you ever get this tip from anyone? Of course not because it is one from her golden secrets.
9)    Don’t use cotton pillow cases; the silk or satin stuffs are best for skin & hairs.
10)    Grandmother said the almond & coconut oils are best for making hair shinny.
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