In this age of hurry & exigency every person is busy with his/her tough daily routine. Men & Women both are working in order to support their families but the women are suffering more than men because at one side they are working in the offices & on the other side they are also looking after their family members. So the burden of work on women is more than men. Consequently stress problem is found more in women than in man. Here I am going to present some solution of this problem. Hope these points helps you a lot in order to reduce your stress problem.

1)    If undue stress at office is causing lots of problems for you or you are feeling bore from this typical routine then the best idea of this problem is that: you can take leave from your office for two or three days & then go out for a picnic with your family members or friends.
2)    The women who are usually busy in typical activities in their homes such cooking food, washing clothes, cleaning house, taking care of children & other family members then they can use various kinds of relaxation techniques in order to reduce the burden of this stress. For instance you should lie down on the floor but little far a way from the wall now you can attach your legs with wall but straight in such a way that heel rest on the wall.
3)    If you are feeling anxiety or headache at home or office then you should first sit at a chair & then keep your elbows on the table now take your hands to the head & pinch your head or eyebrows with your thumbs & index finger. This message will surely reduce your headache. You can do this for 30 second or for 1 min.
4)    You should stay calm when ever you feel any kind of stress. You should try to remember a funny, enjoyable or pleasurable moment of your life & you can also perform some leisure activities; it all helps to reduce your stress.
5)    If a problem is causing a serious stress for you then you should try to resolve this problem by taking some steps such as you can make written outline on topic: how I can combat or deal with this situation?
6)    Taking deep/long breaths for three or four times & recalling a joy able memory can also help you to reduce stress.
7)    Don’t recall stressful events again & again because this can make you feel stress physically & mentally.
8)    You can take massage from the parlor in order to get comfort or relaxation.
9)    Enjoy the natural beauties of this world. Looking toward greenery such as trees or colorful flowers can help a lot in order to reduce stress problem.
10)     You can attend Stress-free parties & Get-to-gathers.

A serious stress can kills the personality of a person so you should always try to keep away every kind of stress. Stress problem can leads towards the diseases of high blood pressure or heart attacks. So if you are suffering from some serious kind of stress then you can take an appointment from a specialist or a psychiatrist in order to get rid from this problem.

Topic: Tips for Reducing Stress Problem
For: Women
Tips: 10


enjoy the natural beauty of this world in order to reduce your stress

feel relax with your friends

feeling stressed in offoice then you should take a leave & go out for picnic