The trend of scarf has been increasing day by day. Every person whether girl or boy wear trendy scarf as a fashion and some people use it to cover up their neck and some wear it to save their selves from frosty season. In this sense scarf is the most useable thing in the world. There are many kinds of scarf and people fold it in many ways. Here are some scarves that fold in different styles. Once around knot scarf is the latest style among all styles. Take scarf at the back of the neck at equal length and knot it at the middle. The scarf has been wrapping around the neck to prevent from cold. The whole scarf covering the neck and it is the most recent style and girls fold it a lot while going for outing. Printed scarf with the single knot look very nice.V Shaped scarf has been knotted at the back of the neck. It is suitable with short dresses. Some model has been folded their scarf like the dupatta. Printed scarf with proper length around the neck look amazing and graceful. Red and black printed scarf has been wrapped around the upper body and it is suitable with the sleeveless dresses. it is also a unique style.

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