Ways of Looking Confident in a Job Interview:

Today we are going to discuss all about how you can boost up your confidence level when you have an interview. Looking for of a job & then going for an interview are the most painful & uncomfortable things but never impossible. It is said that internal self-confidence actually comes from inner sense of worth. If you want to give a rocking interview with great confidence then keep on reading this article & know various ways of doing good interview.

Research before Interview:

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When you applied for a post then you must have information about the responsibilities that you have to perform when you are selected. Similarly, you must have information about company in which you are applying. All this information helps you to boost up your confidence level. You can also search about some sample Interview Questions. Try to about know your subject, but remember that don’t be over-prepare. Try to Know about yourself before interview by conducting a research on yourself. In this way you come to know about your positive qualities & some negative points also.

Practice before Interview:

2 mirror parctice

After research you can practice at home in front of the mirror by asking questions to yourself & then by answering. Although this technique is old yet it is used most widely. It helps you to improve your way of talking & unnecessary gestures.

Think about Your Personality:

3 think about yoursel;f

Before going for an interview be sure that you have already adopted a good hairstyle, your hairs are clean, your body smelling fresh (for this purposes you can take a shower before going). You can use a body spray. Try to choose a good & nicely stitched dress for your interview day. Choose classic colors especially those that fit your skin tone. Try to keep your face natural (I mean make-up free).

Think Positive:

4 Ways to Look Confident in an Interview

Positive thinking before an interview helps you to stay away from tension & increase your confidence.
Try to keep yourself calm into the corridor of the office. Try to remind yourself that you deserve this job that’s why you are sitting here. You are among those short listed candidates who are called for an interview. The company or firm would never invite you for interview if you weren’t considered as a candidate. Don’t take an interview as a life-or-death situation. It’s just a part of normal routine.

Shake Hand:

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When enter into the room then shake hand first with the interviewers this enhances your trust and confidence on them. During shaking hand try to look into their eyes. Furthermore, shake hand with firm pressure but don’t be too harsh & don’t be soft.

How to Sit Confidently:

6  newfound confidenceSit on the chair very comfortably with you back all against the back of the chair and with your both feet definitely on the floor. Be sure that the signs of being uncomfortable should be controlled such as table tapping, shaking or bounce your legs & feet, hair twirling again & again. Try to hug both your hands and then rest them on the table or desk in front of you. This will allow sitting confidently. Maintain this position with little movements (if necessary) during you answer interview questions.

Don’t be nervous or fidget:

7 latest Ways to Look Confident in an Interview

When you are waiting into the corridor then for controlling your nervousness you just need a deep breath this will surely reduce your nervousness or fear. Try to control you restless & fidgety habits.
Such as you should avoid table tapping, nail biting, hair twirling, shaking or bounce your legs & feet, & squirming. You know more about your bad or restless habit so you think about these habits & then try to control these. Don’t show any kind of rambling during interview. Try to give the answer of questions to the point only it will save you from unnecessary questions. Moreover, keep your tone polite, honest & sincere.

Natural Eye Contact:

8 Ways to Look Confident in an Interview

Try to keep natural ‘Eye Contact” with the Interviewers throughout the interview. Looking down, looking above, looking away and not looking into the eyes of interviewer actually shows deficiency of direct eye contact plus you restless situation. It shows that you not confident. Try to keep an eye contact with the interviewers. During eye contact you should focus on a specific spot of the interviewer’s eyes. Don’t be so intense in this task because it shows over confidence. Give some breaks by looking towards your CV or resume (which may on the table into the hand of an interviewer). It is just a right way of eye contact plus it is also called a balance act.

Smile on Face:


9 smile face

Smile plays a very vital role in order to make our personality gentle, polite & confident. Make it as your own style. Give a smile to the interviewer when you in doubt & maintain it as an intelligent & peaceful smile.

In short words when you keep all these points into your mind then I am sure that you will give a rocking interview. So, calm down yourself, gather some strength, and go for an interview with a booted level of confidence.