Fashion of Rainbow Finger Knit Scarf for Girls:

rainbow finger knit scarf for womens (1)

Last Sunday I learn a very newest technique of knitting. Can you guess what it is? Oho you can deduce it very easily from the above title. Yes, I learn the finger knitting. Believe me it’s very easy. If you learn it then you can make lots of knitting projects by using this technique. When I learn it then trust me I have lot of fun. I make a rainbow color scarf by using this newly learned skill. Finger Knit as the name shows is a type of knitting in which you never needs knitting needles but you need to use your fingers. Yes, dear your finger can do magic. I know now you are feeling quite interested in this project. So, are you ready to learn it? Here is a step by step guide for you. Hopefully, these illustrative & pictorial tutorials will help you a lot. Don’t waste time. Let’s starts!

•    Things you need: First of all you need seven colorful wool threads. So that you can create a rainbow. You need to make seven different colors of long strands by using finger knitting technique.
•    Step 1: Take yellow color yarn. Start from your thumb. Place thread over your thumb. Take the thread towards the pinkie finger now start to wave the yarn in such a way that it pass under the pinkie finger, then over the ring finger, now under the middle finger & now over the index finger. One wave pattern is completed. For assistance look below at the picture.
rainbow finger knit scarf for womens (2)

•    Step 2: Now once again start (second loop) weaving by taking yarn under the index finger, over the middle finger, under the ring finger & over the pinkie finger.
rainbow finger knit scarf for womens (3)

•    Step 3: Now take the thread from the back side of all fingers to the front side of hand fingers as shown below.
rainbow finger knit scarf for womens (4)

•    Step 4: Now pull the bottom loop yarn of each finger towards back side. Now weaved yarn go on the back of fingers.
rainbow finger knit scarf for womens (5)

•    Step 5: Repeat from step 1 to step 4 for more loops. In this way a weaved long strap will become at the back of fingers.
•    Step 6: Continue these steps until you will get required length (normal length of a scarf) of scarf to wrap around neckline.
•    In the last when you want to end then don’t forget to tie knot so that loops cannot be unravel.

Now take, blue yarn & make another finger knit long strap for scarf. Its length should also be same as the length of yellow. Now make green, red, white, purple & pink straps. In the last, try to sew these all colorful finger knit pattern straps of yarn with each other by using hand needle & sewing thread as shown below. Matching color thread is best to use.

rainbow finger knit scarf for womens 6
You can decorate the both edges of scarf with laces, patches as well as with poms poms. Rainbow color scarf means you can use it along with every color of dress. It’s the right time to make a style statement among your friends, in college or in school as well as into street by wrapping this stunning handmade scarf around your neckline. Whether you decided to wear a maxi dress or a stylish pant shirt this scarf can go best with almost every style of attire.
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