Human eye is a precious gift of God. Eye is basically is an organ for seeing things in our surroundings. A blind man can understand the importance of eyes very well. Imagine for a minute, if unfortunately you lose your eyes then what happens? Then this world looks colorless & everything is blank. So, respected reader you must take care of this gift.

Here I am going to tell you, how to take care of eyes is possible. We also discuss some exercises related to eyes. These instruction & exercises which are given below are very beneficial & also very useful for the take-care of eyes.

Firstly, it is proved from experiments that if you don’t fulfill your sleep during the required hours then it leaves vary bad effect on your eyes. So, you must sleep from 7 to 8 hours continuously. Night time is the best for sleeping.

Secondly, the usage of vegetables, fruits & salads is also very beneficial for eyes. Our eye & brain both are closely related parts of out body. Carrot is also very helpful in making our eyes healthy. The role of vitamin C is very important in the healthiness of retina. Therefore you should those vegetables & fruits in which Vitamin C is fond in abundance. Such as Bell papers, Guava, Papayas, Oranges, Strawberries etc.

Thirdly, you can use cucumber slices in circle shape, then after closing your eyes keep these slices on the eyes for 2 to 3 min. In the same way the slices of potatoes can also be used for the same purpose. In this way your eyes feel very comfort & freshness.

Fourthly, you can perform some very easy & simple exercise with your eyes. For example, in winter season you can gently place you both hands (after rubbing with each other) on your both eyes for 2 to 3 min. This soft touch not only makes you feel warm but also helpful. In summer season, you can use a wet cloth. With this wet cloth you can massage your eyes very softly & lightly. You surely feel comfort & freshness. Some other exercises are; the rotations of eye ball like clock-wise, looking up & down & other eye relaxing exercises are beneficial for eyes.

Some other points are also kept in mind. These are; If you have any problem in your eyes then you can use various eye drops but according to the prescription of Eye Specialist. The usage of sunglasses is also an important measure for saving eyes from the harmful rays of sun. Today, the use of artificial lens is very common among the boys & girls of this new generation. But you must be very careful when using lens & always try to use high quality lens. Use lens when required.

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How to Take Care of Your Eyes & Eye Exercises