In the past fashion is not known people were very simple. They worn simple dresses nothing else. But now in this modern world where everyone knows what is fashion and how to adapt fashionable outfits. In this regard some fantastic designer designs unique and adorable accessories of such fashion conscious people. Scarf is also one of the most wearable accessories in the world. Unique, up to date and fashionable scarves are available in the market. People select it according to their faces and outfits. Some people choose scarves keep in mind the summer and winter seasons. Some scarves are ready made and some scarves need help to tie around the neck. Scarf with different color look decent.

Purple scarf with gorgeous style look fantastically good. It is very easy to fold this scarf around the neck. Take a scarf with equal length edges and both ends of the scarf fold inside the loop. Grey and pink scarf with fake knot give trendy look to the model. Take equal ends of the scarf and simply knot it at the middle. Red print scarf with single knot at the middle look nice.