Not only girls but also boys are very fond of fashion. The girls left behind the girls in the race of fashion. They know well how to wear scarves in different styles. Grey printed scarf with simple style make the model beautiful and chic. It is simple style and not difficult to wear on. Scarf simply has been taken around the neck with equal length. It is suitable with open shirt style. One side knot l style give decent touch to the model in the function.

Arabian scarf wrapped around the neck with single knot at the front. Grey scarf specially made for the winter season. It warms the neck in the cold. It has been made with wool fabric. The scarf covers the whole head. Scarf both ends folded around the neck and one end pass from the other end.

Printed scarf with European loop make the men cool. Fold the scarf at equal length and pass it around the neck in such a way that makes a hoop. The free ends of the scarf pass from the loop and tighten it for the better result. Black velvet scarf simply wrapped around the neck in double folded shape. It is suitable with T- shirt in the winter season.

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