Hermes is an international brand of Paris. This brand is founded in 1837 by the French manufacturer. This brand is specializing in ready to wear dresses, perfumes, and jewelry and leather fashion accessory. The founder and first designer of this brand is Thierry Hermes. Their head quarters are in Paris and France. Veronique Nichanian is the men wear designer and the Christophe Lemaire is the women wear designer. Its logo is ‘H’ is seen in the all products of this brand. In this newly brand the designer design the belt in different and stylish way. These belts are made with high quality leather in this brand. The leather is the very good part of the brand which makes so many accessories with it. These belts are available in different colors similar to light and dark. The ‘H’ logo is prominent on all belts. These belts are use on with the jeans and dress pants. These belts are worn the men and women both with their pants. The young girls wear the short skirts and wear the belt on it to make their dress beautiful and attractive. Belts are use in commonly for all type of functions, parties and casual wear.

Topic: Huge collection of Hermes belts 2013
Brand: Hermes
Founder: Thierry Hermes
Design: belt in this post
Stuff: leather
Perfect for: party, function and casual wear.

5 different color Hermes belts

2013 Hermes Belt Men in Leather

Blue Hermes belts for men

Hermes belt in black color

Hermes Belts For Women in Purple

Hermes leather belts with H buckle

large variety of Hermes belts collection

Most famous collection of belts by Hermes 2013

Women pink color Hermes belt