Dog collars

Dog is a faithful pet animal and frequently people kept live in homes as a trend and this trend is most popular in Western, American and other foreign countries. They keep dag in homes as a good companion and joyfully for their child. They look after their pets very much and care their food and other accessories. Collar is a dog accessory and used fir different purposes like controlling for dog beautify dog, identify, for medical information. Dog collars mostly used for directing and teaching dogs. Here, we are going to share with dog collars which are made from different materials like leather, nylon, metal and many other materials.

Pet name style collar

1 small dog collar (8)

In this picture, you are seeing black color thin leather made dog collar. You can adorn this black collar from metal made alphabetic and made your pet’s name. Mostly people whose keep pets in homes, they call their pets from their nick name like bunty, puppy etc.

Buckle style neck accessories

2 small dog collar (14)

These dog collars made with pink, green, red and black leathers with small size. These neck accessories adorned from different buckles like bone, heart, skull and crown style buckles. These buckles made with silver metal and garnished from crystals.

Simple dog collars

3 small dog collar (12)

These collars made with nylon in different colors like pink, orange, light green, sky blue and yellow. You can easily big or small in sizes and three lockers of these simple dog collars made from plastic. These collars are not more expensive.

Classy dog chokers

4 small dog collar (2)

In this picture, you are seeing stunning and sterling dog choker. This choker made with golden chain, golden locker and Swarovski crystals and a dog’ bone is fastening at the middle part of the choker with draping style. This fancy and trendy dog choker is use by domestic dogs.

Here you can see further dog collars with different styles like bow style, bandana, flower style, shirt collar with bow, pearls made collars and many others. Some dog collars are expensive and some ate cheap. You can purchase dog collars according your choice.