Maxi is the long skirt that girls wear in summer. Maxis are worn at spring and winter too with the seasonal stuff that is suitable and in fashion. Mostly girls like to wear maxi in sheer fabric with full flair or a line shape. Jersey stuff is also used in maxi but this is suitable for fall season. The most important question is what to wear with a maxi skirt. You can make your style in maxi wearing different types of top and shirts. Whether some chunky accessories paired with a maxi will work a lot and make a statement in highly fashionable dress code. I will tell you what to pair with a maxi and how can it be effective.
•    You can wear a top with maxi
•    Pair up a cardigan or jacket over maxi
•    Tuck your shirt in and add a belt
•    Wear maxi with a tank
•    Make a style statement with button down shirt
•    Style your maxi with flair crop top
•    You can wear it with denim too
Well in these ways you can wear maxi and have different styles.

1.    Winter inspiration with stripes top

Black maxi shirt marched with strips in white and black

2.    Blouse with maxi

black maxi skirt with mini top

3.    Denim is always good

blue jean top with maxi skirt

4.    White top

gray maxi skirt with whirt shirt

5.    Spring style

long maxi skirts outfits

6.    Beautiful combination

lulu maxi skirt with gold necklace

7.    Chic style

maxi skirt for winter outfit

8.    Chunky accessories


9.    Floral maxi and denim

printed long skirt with denim shirt

10.    Street style fashion

yellow flower top with black maxi dress