The trend of wearing abay is increasing day by day with the passage of time rapidly. Now according to the fashion and season, abayas are also prepared and manufactured in a lot of fashions brands and houses.
We know very well that ‘Abaya’ is an Islamic dress which is seemly for Muslims girls and it protect and secure women from bad glance and dust at all. To wear Abaya is an Islamic rule and order which should follow every Muslim girl in every type of condition and circumstances and it is much decorous for girl’s clarity and purity. Here, we are going to show you such abayas as are cute and attractive & also appropriate for modish girls which like to wear trendy abaya not simple. Let’s see below.
These abayas are present in long length from shoulder to ankle. Entirely abaya collections is consist of plenty and bounty designs and cuts. As far as the color is concerned that is pure black. Multi color embroidery and bright motif work has been done on the abayas superbly. Silk stuff made flower has been also utilized for abaya embellishment. Chiffon, silk, blended and net fabric is present in this anthology.  Maxi abayas, platted abayas, butterfly abayas, loose abayas,  bell bottom sleeves abayas and much more stylish abayas are including in this assortment which will really become your choice and selection in first glimpse at all.

Accessory: Islamic abayas
Style: Maxi abayas, platted abayas, butterfly abayas,
Loose abayas, bell bottom sleeves abayas
Color scheme: Pure black
Stuff used: Silk, chiffon, blended and net
Ornamentation: Multi embroidery, silk made flowers, motif work etc
Perfect for: Women
Used for: In every season

beautiful Abaya Designs 2014 collection

chest style Islamic Abaya Designs 2014 collection

designer Islamic Abaya Designs 2014 collection

Designer-Arab-Abaya-Collection 2014

embroidery work Islamic Abaya Designs 2014 collection