Angelina Jolie is the top actress of Hollywood. Her latest look she look more glamorous. Angelina looks so simple in black outfit and she talk with media very lightly. She make over is a light lip gloss and a pony catcher hair.
In an award show she mostly war black dress. Her style is different in each other. She pins up her hair smoothly and curl looks great on her shoulder. She prints on her arm some lines. In chocolate color dress with black upper she looks awesome. V neckline with pippin and a belt on waist make her attractive.
Usually she never use heavy make up styles.

In black dress with a dupata on her hair look pretty. In a red carpet show she comes in light and dark brown lining shaded gown. It’s a strapless and a sweetheart neck line. In a formal wear she wears a jean with a skin sleeveless shirt. Her jewelry like long double chin, ring and ear ring look awesome. Tattoo print on her belly look sexy look.
In grey short dress she looks beautiful. V neckline and full sleeve dress is nice look. In yellow gown she looks gorgeous on red carpet. Her hair covers her one side shoulder. She shines like glitter in this look. In black dress she looks sexy with cut of one leg side. Dark red lipstick gives a good impact. In simple dresses she looks nice and fantastic.  She uses a light eye shade and a shiny lipstick.

Angelina Jolie look

Angelina Jolie look (1)

Angelina Jolie look (2)

Angelina Jolie look (3)

Angelina Jolie look (4)