Certainly, kids are supposed to have an angelic reflection in their personalities. To enhance their cuteness with some artificial techniques like makeup has become very famous among the high class fashion world. It is also essential if your kid is going to participate in extra circular activities. If you want to ready your children to attend a family or school function, you will certainly do best for her superb appearance. Baby makeup has very clear steps first of all apply some best quality foundation which should be in darker shade with baby skin tone.

Then to prominent cheekbone apply some blush on at the lower part of bone line area. Next, come at the eye makeup and select lighter shades to cover the whole eye. At last apply lip liner (not in very bright shade) then cover the lips with shiny lip gloss or lipstick. This the simplest form of baby makeup which will certainly provide a very cute look to your child. You can take some further steps (use of glitter and different makeup paints)in this basic makeup according the specific requirement of the function.

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