What do you think without accessorizing an outfit which is the simple tool that can be used to have chic style statement? Surely it is a scarf or neck wrapper that can amaze an outfit in the trendiest way. You can Rock out every season with different styles of appealing scarves, having translucent fabric with delicate stuff that beautifully adds the charm to fashion outfits. Scarf has its history and the origin meets at the ancient Rome. At first scarves were just put to neck for sweeping sweat but gradually every age had their specific use of scarf as in Chinese culture, first the depiction of scarves were seen to identify the officers. Holy and slowly the phenomena totally changed and the use of scarf, muffler or neck wrapper became necessary as an accessory to shake the fashion trends. Now every fall and winter look is incomplete without a scarf while for summer and spring apparel you need to maintain a chic look wrapping out a right draped scarf. No matter to which culture or region you are from, sufficiently the use of scarf can make your look universal and unbeatable. Cashmere, wool, silk, chiffon, sheer, lace and many other fabrics are used to make different cultural and fashion scarves. Skinny scarves are one of them which are attaining high ranking value for street style or in fashion shows. For sophisticate office look scarves are your best friend to attain the subtle featuring look.  We have assembled the latest trend of different scarves with many styles that can add in the wardrobe to bring variation in your everyday or formal look.

Simple outfits with colorful scarves:

colorful scarves

You can wrap different scarves in many ways to stun the look while going out. With simple outfits create fun with colorful multi hued patterned scarves that is amazing for girls to balance the appearance in most alluring way. Add the glam with right sunglasses for summer and wrap these scarves around the neck or chest for elegant look.

Polka dot long scarves for neck:

dotted pattern scarf

Polka dot pattern is always tasteful to have fun, take the right color pair of long dotted scarf and drape it according to trendy style like seen in the picture. Black and white polka dots are famous combo but go with your personal choice, or experience it for any season even for winter too.

Fringe shawl scarf:

fall neck scarf trend

To attain the higher level of chic fall season is full of trendy ideas to have scarves around neck but for extra warm take this right long fringe checkered shawl scarf to keep up the best look in this fall trend.

Scarf for Hijab look:

scarf for hijab

For a Muslimah it is necessary to cover up the head, and for this purpose no other choice is suitable than having a right fashion scarf that will give a girl dazzling look fulfilling the religious need too. Do Hijab with scarf that is vigorously popular mostly in Arab countries on the other hand Hijab with scarf has entered into fashion that is being adopted rapidly by girls.

Skinny scarf trend for this season:

skinny scarf trend

This season you can try skinny scarves in place of any jewelry piece. Match the right combination with your street style outfit and put the spin into fashion that will surely take a factor of glam just wearing out a skinny scarf. You may change the style of rolling up around the neck to get old fashion look.

Tie a knot at head with silk scarf:

spring summer scarf trend

The Dolce & Gabbana amazing stylish wear is introducing the 70s inspired silk scarf draping on head. Just wrap and tie a bow at side with scarf to get a classy look. You can apply different patterns like dotted, stripes and geometric to create fun or to have chic style statement.

Turban scarves for summer:

summer head turban scarf

For summer, try the turban style with different scarf patterns to achieve stylish and elegant apparel that will further maintain a look to prevent from the hot sunshine. This is also rocking for containing Moroccan style look that will change admiring appearance into cultural one.

Paisley design cozy shawl scarf:

tassled scarf style

For fall season the functionality of cozy and warm scarves becomes more necessary to beat out the cool winds. Put this comfy shawl over the coat and get a cool style for best fall trendy look. This scarf can wear to cover the head in place of a hat.

Welcome the colors in your simple outfit:

trendy fall scarf

Accessorize your outfit with bold colors like the girl is wearing out in picture. Orange printed cool fabric asymmetric tussled scarf with funky sunglasses and shocking pink bag is looking more than wow over plain white outfit. You may try color blocking in your outfit with right pair of a scarf.

Winter trend of neck warmer:

winter scarf fashion

Wool or crochet scarves for winter days are best while for a well groomed and modish look it can work well to give your appearance elegant touch of feminine beauty accentuating the contemporary fashion trend of scarf. Wrap it around neck to stun the street style fashion for your office or casual look.