Definition of sorry

Sorry is a word that used after fight and before forgiveness. When you feel your fault in any matter then you accept immediately it and say “Sorry” and ashamed on her wrong work.

Relation of husband & wife

Every relation is not perfect and we face many angry persons like friends, brothers, sisters, parents and cousins in the whole day. We should try to best to keep them pleasure but marriage relation of a husband and wife has some extra qualities. This relation is much closer among husband and wife but many fights and quarrels are also founded in this cute relationship. Frequently, we hear about fight among husband and wife here we are going to share with you latest style to say “SORRY” and restore precious relations.

Sorry with requesting face

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When a marriage couple fight then they should acted upon a best way. They should never go away from one another. They should talk face to face or argued with one another and search their mistakes. When one person judges him mistake then he/she should say “Sorry” with requesting face and words.

Modern way of sorry

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In this picture, you are seeing that husband is presenting flowers for his wife with smiling face. This is a modern way to beg forgiveness with his wife after hurt her.

way to happy his wife

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In any matter, when your wife are angry with you and you accepted your fault then you should spend many time with his wife and help her in many home works like you are seeing in this picture. You can also offer a cup of tea her with sorry card.

Sorry with cake

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This is best way to happy an angry person that you present sorry cake for him with exclusive words of sorry. You can also bake cake in home if it is possible and then write on it with cream or choc late “SORRY”

Here you cay see some other ideas for ways to say sorry. Sometimes, this is very difficult to say anyone “Sorry” but it is essential for save precious relations.