Definition of sorry

SORRY, is a word which used after fight and before forgiveness. When anyone do or say some wrong with our beloved then you say sorry for restore your relation. When we judge ourselves that we are wrong in this matter and we hurt anyone or did incorrect with any person we should got apologize and then sorry from heart. Here are numerous ways to say sorry which by use you can remain your relation with you beloved. You can learn by reading this post that how you can happy after angry of brother, sister, friends, wife and other beloved relations.

Sorry with chocolates

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If your friend is angry with you then you should buy that chocolate which like your friend and write a small sorry card or purchase sorry card and then present your friend chocolate with sorry card. This is a best way to beg apologize for friends.

Sorry cakes

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You will know millions ways to say sorry but sorry with cake is a romantic, sweet and heart felt way. When your friend, family member or cousin are angry with you on your wrong behave. Then you should bake a cake and write on cake with chocolates or cream “SORRY” and present for you anger person. If you can’t bake cake in home thin it is not any issue you can purchase fresh cake from market.

Apologize with flowers

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Flowers are symbolized of love. Lovers used flower for show love. When you give flowers with sorry card an angry person its mean that you loved him and don’t want to lose him.

Latest way to say sorry

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When husband and wife are angry with one another and one person guessed in them that he/she is wrong. Then should present a cup of tea with sorry card and request that he/she will no do or say next time.

Here you can see in the gallery of the sorry ways some further ideas. When you accepted your fault then you should say sorry and try to best happy your anger beloved in nearly time. Because relations are make with difficulties but broke very easily. So, take care their beloved and always try to keep them happy.