Louis Vuitton is a promising and luxurious French fashion eponymous company. it was founded in 1854 by Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton manufacture leather good, shoes, watches, jewelry, accessories, hand bags, and ready to wear collection, books and sun glasses. This brand is known as one of the international fashion houses.
Louis Vuitton released his hand bag collection. In this collection tote hand bag,    shoulder hand bag, barrel shoulder bag, soft leather hand purse bag, patent leather shoulder bag, jeans pocket style hand bag, epi lather petit noe shoulder bag. Colors of this hand bags .colors of these hand bags are golden, black, maroon, coffee, hot pink, mustard, red, grey. At the end we can say that entirely collection of Louis vutton hand bag is very sumptuous and amazing.

Brand: Louis Vuitton
Founded in: 1854
Collection: hand bags
Perfect for; women

Patent leather red hand bag

1 red color louis vuitton handbags for women

Maroon tote style patent leather hand bag

2 beautiful louis vuitton handbags 2014

Blue jeans and parrot buckle style jeans hand bag

3 new stylish louis vuitton handbags 2014