Red satin silk clutch enhance the beauty to look graceful in wedding or special occasions. Decoration of this clutch is stunning specially pushing clasp of this clutch is marvelous and eye-touching. Detachable metal strap chains are inside the clutch.


Lovely and simple red velvet made clutch mostly used in formal occasions. Button style is used instead of brooch in the middle of it which gives a trendy look. These shape clutches are more preferable than others.


Red satin clutch has the classical touch with black velvet appliqué. Beautifully polished metallic frame with two balls clasp. This is especially made for wedding occasions. Decoration is quite simple but provides an adorable look to the user.


Outstanding printed fabric clutch with red and black combination gives a vibrant and luxurious look to the user. It has beautiful silver metallic frame with a modish hole style clasp. Clasp is fully adorned with tiny stones. This clutches are used in wedding parties and in formal gathering.