There are countless or incalculable dogs breed in this world but hence we would like to talk about most favorite and energetic dog breed which can be also used as domestic pet and also much loyal with his owner/master. The dogs breed none other than
“Karelian Bear dog” is being much luminous and prominent in western countries rapidly as home animal. This breed was originated in Finland and accepted in American Kennel club [AKC] for more searching and recording. Now, these dogs are becoming most people’s pet choice owing o their outwardly personality, color scheme and loyalty characteristic.

The loyal and energetic guard ‘Karelian’ dog breed has shorthair coat in straight, stiff, soft and dense form. The ears are usually pointed outwardly faintly. The cute and main body part of this breed is ‘curved long tail’ that attracts very much everyone when they see. They have black eyes along with round black nose while they has strong and firm jaws that is a big quality of these dogs. Their face and legs are usually broad and long but back is much developed than other body parts. Typically they are present in twice color combination like white and black. Approximately, their faces, legs and chest are black and other body is cover in white color.

The breed has been found much responsive, self-governing, bright, dexterous, and vigorous and also has a good sense of humor.  They are not casual and usual breed, but this breed is used for hunting because of their determination, unyielding and bravery character/nature. They are very affectionate with their master and family where they live and also protective for them. Daily exercise is much neccessray for them, in this way they have great opportunity to show their extra skills. Their grooming is much easier because they have short hair fur which is naturally straight and shiny. When they feel some problem in home they start to bark and warn the master.

*-As a pet:
Owing to their demonstrative nature, everyone likes these dogs as a pet. And they stand out with their owner in every difficult or complicated condition/circumstances.
As a pet, they like outdoor lifestyle where they could easily run and walk. They become much loyal and can also live with others home pet and absolutely they like Children Company and playing with balls, sticks and etc.

 Dog breed: Karelian Bear dog
Originated in: Finland
Color: Dual combination of white & black
Fetcher: Innocent and terrific
Ready for: Domestic pet


resting karelian bear dog photo collection

two karelian bear dogs picture