Stunning beautiful fold over clutch handbag is nicely decor with fabric flower. Velvet fabric is used to cover the bag and tissue frill is used to make the design more elegant. Pearls enhance the softness of this clutch.
White leather is used in this clutch and makes it durable for a long time. Provides convenience with the help of the handles and gold metallic frame increases the beauty over white color. This handbag is easily used when you are in market or a school.

The most marvelous clutch handbag that gives an envelop shape and beautiful crush design on fold over side. Light off-white tissue fabric made blossoms are fitted at the side of the bag and make it adorable.
This white clutch handbag gives a gorgeous and nice look to the user. This clutch is made with soft white leather and it is décor with a small shiny stud that increases the layers of this leather. A metal frame secures the bag from inside with kiss type clasp. Detachable silver chain is inside the bag which can be used when indeed. This clutch handbag not only used in wedding or evening functions but also used in simple occasions like birthday parties.

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