“Melburry” is an English lavishness trademark. It is distinctive, charming and practical. The founder of this brand “Roger Saul” established this brand in 1971at Somerset. He kept his brand name mulberry to inspire from the mulberry tree which was present in his school.
The first assortment consisted on chokers, plaited belts and too advantageous leather trimmings regarded as handbags of their time. Hence we present the too cute and stylish compilation of hand bags which are according to your demand and trends. Let’s take a glimpse on it.
The whole assortment of hand bag is consisting on the extra unconventional styles and color scheme and stupendous ornament embellishment like [emerald, bays water, calf and lizard printed shiny and double zip tote, cosmic  and Lilly bag tote and clutch] and so on are include in this assortment. The vivid and dazzling color scheme has been utilize in the preparation of this production. In short this handbag will helpful to enhance you’re outwardly look really.

Assortment:  “Hand bag”
Brand;   “Mulberry”
Founder:  “Roger Saul”
Found in: 1971
Styles: Lilly, coffer, tote and clutch etc.
Perfect for: Too modish girls,

mulberry-daria-soft-spongy-leather handbag