Money Card Holders:

It is basically an envelope that is used for keeping money. Money card holders can be manufactured by using paper or soft board. In this age of fashion, you can see that everyone needs something new & stylish then how it is possible for people to use only a simple money holder. They want an envelope for money that is designed fabulously & magnificently.

Colorful Money Card Holders:

Here on this page I am going to share some pictures of very colorful card holders. You can explore red, green, brown, off-white, maroon & lots of others colors of money cards holders.

New Designs of Money Cards:

In this collection only latest deigns of money cards are included. When you look towards the pictures then you will observe that some money holders are decorated with floral prints while some are with polka dots & abstract art.

Decoration of Money Card Holders:

Money cards holders can be decorated by using various kinds of materials that are available at home such as ribbons can be used in bow style while beads, rhinestones (in small size) & glitter can also be used for the purpose of ad-ornamentation of these cards.

Envelop for Money:

These money envelopes are used for various purposes. Let’s discuss some of these here.

Christmas Money Card Holders:

These money cards are used on various occasions for giving money as gift to your beloveds. So the envelop that are included in this collection can be used on the Christmas function for giving money to your children, young boys & girls. Mostly red color money card holders are used on this event.

Money Envelopes for Birthday:

These money cards holders or envelopes can also used on birthday party for giving the money as gift to the person whose birthday party you are going to attend.

Anniversary Money Cards Holders:

Again, I say that these money cards holders are also perfect for anniversary party for giving money as gift to the couple.

Gift Cards:

These are also famous by the name of gift cards. So you can use these gift cards for giving money as a present to your beloveds.

1 Gift Card Holders and Money Holders

2 lighte color money card holder

3 money card holder for wedding