Venetian Mask:

It is a type of masks that is used for lots of purposes such as some people use it to hide their identity. But it is mostly famous for the “Carnival of Venice”.  Carnival is basically a name of an annual festival, which is held in Venice, a city of Italy.  On this festival people along with some traditional style of elaborative clothes also likes to wear Venetian masks. Along with cultural & religious purposes these masks are also sometimes used for various decadent purposes while sometimes for attending masks parties or dances.

Latest Venetian Masks:

Here I bring a very beautiful Venetian Masks collection for you. This collection will surely attract you very much. Only stunning designs of Venetian masks are included into this collection.

Types of Venetian Masks:

In this assortment of Venetian masks you can explore different types of Venetian masks such as:

1)    Bauta, a type of Venetian masks with a chin length that covers your whole face.
2)    Columbina Mask is basically another type of mask that only covers the half face of yours or only the eyes part & used mostly on various parties plus on carnival of Venice. Sometimes a long stick is attached with this type of mask which a person can hold in his/her hand.
3)    Moretta Mask, a round shape type of Venetian mask. That is used by the women.
4)    Medico Della Peste is also another very interesting type of Venetian mask with a long pointed nose.
5)    Volto Venetian Mask is also included in this gallery.

In this collection you can each & every type of Venetian mask.

History of Venetian Mask:

It is said earlier that the usage of Venetian masks was comes into being in the 3th century while in Italy it was quiet in use into the 18th century. People not only use it to judge the behaviors of their friends, relatives, neighbors by hiding their actually identity but also on various processions by the men & women both.

Decorative Venetian Masks:

When it comes to decoration of Venetian masks then various kinds of colorful beads, pearls, glitter, rhinestones & lots of other stones are used for decorating a Venetian mask. Whatever the type may be it never matters the thing that matters id the decoration of Venetian mask. A beautifully decorative Venetian mask always proves best in order to catch the attention of every viewer. In this photo gallery (that is shown into the last of this article) you can check out Venetian mask which all are decorated very beautifully plus amazingly. All masks are made by the most experienced mask makers.

1 2014 collection Venetian Mask

2 2014 ideas Venetian Mask