Special Hiking Pants, Shorts & Capri Pajamas:

Do love hiking? Believe me it’s a really very adventurous climbing activity that is usually a favorite hobby of daring & bold people. If you think you are very daring & bold then in this season you should plan a hiking activity with your friends. What do you say? Hiking is actually a long walk that covers miles of distance. This walk may include going across from one city to another or from one country to another. When you go on hiking then lots of up & down places come in the way, lots of woody places also comes or sometime you need to climb on a mountain to cross it. So, for hiking you need some special type of clothes that can help you to move your body parts freely & easily. Of courts, for your vacation you need hiking clothes. Do you? Here, I am going to share hiking pants ideas for women & girls. If you are planning to visit woody places or a forest or mountain area then these pants can become your best friend. Along with pants I also include capris & shorts for girls & ladies. Hiking pants are actually made with a high quality fabric that is waterproof as well as breathable. That’s why these pants are considered perfect for wet or rainy weather conditions. Let’s take a look!

Women Hiking Pants in Neutral Colors:

4 pant for women with pockets

First of all take a look at these neutral color stylish hiking pants. These all are looking like armed forces style pants. One pant is with pockets, other is in skinny style while third pant is in loose style but all are looking very powerful. Girls & women can wear these pants with any color of top from white to grey, from green to red & so on. If you will select these hiking pants then your personality will look impressive, strong & imposing because these pants have a resemblance from military style.  I personally love these. That’s why into the last of this article I also share some online hiking pants buying links so that you can buy these online (if you like). These pants are just perfect for winter season trips. In winter you need to protect your body from coldness. So wear these full pants either with ankle boots or knee length boots & walk comfortably on rocks.

Colorful & Funky Style Women Hiking Pants Ideas:

5 colorful women hiking pant

Some girls & women are very much fashion conscious & like to follow fashion even on the adventurous hiking trips. So, if you also want to follow fashion on your hiking trip then try these colorful hiking pants are best for you. Wear some hot style tops with these pants & get a rock-and-roll look. Try high ponytails & add bright lipstick on your lips. You are ready to explore the world with some style!

Women Hiking Shorts Ideas:

6 women hiking shorts collection

If you are planning your hiking journey in hot summer season then avoid using full length pants & try these sexy & comfortable shorts. Am I right? Yes, by wearing these shorts with crop tops or tank top you can complete your mountain climbing trip.  But when you wear these shorts then make sure that apply SPF on your bare legs & arms so that hot & harmful sun rays can never harm your skin.

Women Hiking Capris:

7 women hiking capris pajamas

Pant & shorts both are two extreme points, one is too long & other too short. So, if you are searching something that ranges in between pants & shorts then try these capris. Capri is actually knee length pants & this style pants can give you a very pretty & cute look.  I love to wear Capri with button down shirts & blazers. Try top knotted hairstyle because when you are on hiking trip then you need to make a hairstyle that can never become an obstacle in the way of your expedition.

Online Buying of Women Hiking Pants:

8  black track style hiking pant

Here I also show some more hiking pants. The black pant is actually in track style & its price is around $58.99. It is available at http://www.shopgeigers.com/patagonia/patagonia-womens-torrentshell-pants-19944. The greenish color pant is in some Military style & its cost is around £19.99. It is available at http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Womens-Wicking-Hiking-Trousers-Zip-Off-Shorts-Outdoors-Tactical-Casual-Military-/181180622591. The last one is in cargo style pant with lots of side pockets. It price is $43.58. It is available at http://www.aliexpress.com.