Elegant Red & White Beaded Clutch:

Elegant red and white beaded clutch in envelop shape. Metal frame is fairly embellished with stones and can be open with a beaded ball clasp. Girls love these clutches to use in the night functions like farewell parties, or wedding parties.


Clutch is Beautifully Use In Evening Functions:

This clutch is beautifully use in evening functions and gives a crisp and elegant appearance to the user. It provides adorable look due to graceful hand made flowers. Women’s use this handbag to keep money, credit card, lipstick or mobile phone. This can be use with same color dress or contrast colors like white or black color.


Clutch With Tiny Beaded Style:

Simple but trendy clutch with tiny beaded style is more preferable than simple bags. A beautiful layer of white beads enhance the beauty of this clutch and has a button inside to open this clutch. Metal chains are inside the clutch that can be used when indeed.


Super Satin Ivory Clutch With Pleats:

The super satin ivory clutch with pleats is luxurious and become a necessary in today’s modern life. Frame is studded with silver stones and gives an attractive look to this clutch. Encrusted push clasp is used to open it and safe the things under the clutch.