Dark purple bridal sash:

Dark purple bridal sash is now in hand of bridals who sees the dreams of their fabulous bridal gown now their dream has come true in shape of this rose chic gown belt. Roses are ornamented with pearls and a big bulging stone


Hot pink orange sash:

Hot pink orange sash has no its rival and competitor. It is accomplished in it self. Color is hottest and offers glare to gown. Wreath patterned have peppered on it and usage of pearls and flowery silver stone is a status symbol and acts as a part of bridal’s charming personality.


black satin bridal sash:

This black satin bridal sash is fancy and has fascinating quality. Satin stuff is folded in floral shape and inside section has been decorated with silver stones that are collaborated in floral pattern and this type of swanky and posh gown belt is going to become the means of bridal’s admiration.


black lock belt For Girls:

This black lock belt touches the pinnacle of appreciation of its observers and watchers. Its one side is nicely designed by velvet black stuff and other side is of printed and having narrow check design. This stylized belt is suitable for those bridals who want to collect the applause of audiences.