Expression of smoky eye makeup:

Eyes are reflection of mind and soul they have their own language and way of communicating. Eyes can be particular expression of certain emotion also. Through eyes we can communicate other special sentiments. To enhance the beauty of eyes and to make them more meaningful we used different kinds of makeup. Eyes make also have their special expression to convey. We selected different kinds of makeup for day and night appearance. Shimmering, glittered, candy, natural, bridal, soft, metallic and smoky eyes makeup ideas are enormously popular among the fashion divas.

Here we are especially concerned with smoky eye makeup. Smoky makeup is excellent expression of sizzle grace and romanticism. For night functions, sensational ladies are specially beautified their eye with smoky touch so that they can explore their haute beauty in most inspiring way. Here we are sharing excellent smoky eyes makeup which has superb grace of different shades. Different colors are used to create the expression of smoky eyes. Vibrant shades have basic elegance of smoky eye makeup which is further bedecked with touch of shimmer, glitter and other beauties. For night parties and foe excellent grace of compact eyes, these smoky eye makeup ideas are simply matchless.

Let’s discuss gorgeous grace and evocative expression of these magnificent smoky eye makeup ideas which are emblazed by different colors and perfectly awesome for esteemed fashion divas.

Golden and black sizzling smoky eye makeup

1 Smokey Eyeshades

Silver grey sparklingly smoky eye makeup for night functions

2 Grey Smokey Eye Makeup

Sparking grace of shimmry smoky eye makeup

3 glitter eye makeup

Blue and black excellent smoky eye makeup for dazzle appearance

4 aqua eye makeup

Silver grey metallic glitter smoky eye makeup for night functions

5 cat eye makeup

 Dark brown smoky eye make with gorgeous touch of green glitter spark

6 glittering eye makeup

Black smoky eye makeup for magnificence of sizzling look

7 gray smokey eye makeup

Perfect pink smoky eye makeup with shimmering grace of glitter

8 bold plum eye makeup

Turquoise, sky blue and grey smoky eye makeup ideas

9 Most Attractive Combination Of Smoky Eye Makeup

Green and golden smoky eye makeup for gorgeous girls

10 green Eye makeup