The most trendy and chic Zipper pouches are used to make your daily life more convenient. Zipper pouches offered you to keep your mobiles, credit cards, and some money in it. These pouches can be used in examination halls for keeping pens and etc. The cotton stuff is used in the preparation of this type of pouches.

These are the craft of the hands and easily prepared by hands. They may have different shapes like squares, oval, three sided and many other as you want. These pouches are without straps but they provide you convenient in every time. This is also an art to make it in the homes by your own hands.

You can embroidered them by your own choice like you can make flowers, fruits, animals and rainbow etc. on the front side of the pouch. Beautiful laces can be used to make them extraordinary gaze. They provide you easy opening and closing with the help of zip chains. Wonderfully printed fabrics craft your pouch modish. These are easily held able without any straps.

ideas of zipper pouch 2014

pink color zipper pouch

stylish zipper pouch 2014