Birds’ keeping at home is an old tradition. This is a cheap and beautiful hobby for all over us. The birds you can keep in your home are your favorite one like: pigeon, parrot, sparrow, and chicks and so so. To keep these birds you have to be a good house keeping for its. These houses are in so many different style and design. The bird cages are the most important thing to décor your home in right way. These cages are made at home and avail in markets.The hand made cages are cheap and use full for every bird. The cage is in house design with stair and full house model. Metal wire also use in this cage material. Round shape and flowers in it come across exceptional. The umbrella shape cage is a unique style of bird house. The bamboo sticks are cut with elegant style and make a beautiful coop up. The flowers and butterflies are décor the cages and made it dramatic. The rose flower in the white cage is seemed wonderful. The swings are in different type appearing tremendous in it. The lamp is design in cage style with an artificial pigeon on it. A very beautiful building model is made for bird and stare marvelous. The black iron is complete the single cage. Wood work and wire work on the house shape cage is awesome. The wood is use in the doors and windows and the wire use in the grid. The round shape cage is looking outstanding with its stand.

Topic: stylish bird cage
Material: wire, wood and straws
Color: bright and light
Design: house and other shapes
 Perfect for: birds keeping.

stylish bird cage (6)

stylish bird cage (4)