Every woman wants to carry such hand bags as are match with her dress and shoes, because she wants to be changing her look in the party and wedding ceremonies. Women are very crazy about the handbags and footwear so, they try to search for the unique hand bags for themselves to catch the attraction of the people in the ceremonies. Borjan fulfill the requirement of such crazy girls. Borjan provide the striking hand bags and excellent footwear to the customers in very affordable prices. Superb handbag with marvelous designing emerge the personality of the users in the functions. Green and yellowish hand bags furnished with brown piping has a small pocket inside it. This brand mostly uses orange color in the collection. White handbag with orange lining at the middle provide trendy look to the model. Golden sandal with strap at the side of the ankle seems excellently wonderful and model seems superbly gorgeous with handbag matching with the sandal.

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