Printed hijab ideas

0. summer printed hijab for girls

There are many trends which are adopted by the girls and the girls remain conscious about their beautification but t is up to you which style do you like most not girls rather boys are also very   serious about their dressing .when new season starts girls start searching about their dressing whether it is dress, shoes bags and anything of fashion. Hijab is very good for girls and it is carried as a   fashion and for your protection. In Muslim religion to cover the head a religious obligation and with hijab you look stylish and fulfill the requirements of religion. It is carry in so many styles but you should wear scarf according to your face shapes. In the summer season it is very difficult to carry large size dupatt,shawls and gowns because you feel very hot and scorching sunlight create itching on your body so there are many scarf which can carry in summer season .At the place of dupata you can carry hijab firstly your purpose of covering head and second it will k protect you from sunburn .Many ladies who carry hijab remain worry in summer that in which way we wear hijab but it look so nice if it is tie in good way with hijab you can make high pony and top knot because in hijab if you leave your hair open then you will feel sweat on your neck .Many fabrics and many styles are in the trend of summer season which you can wear with different dresses.


0+ summer printed hijab for girls

Elegant hijab in printed style:

In the winter plain and flat hijab was common among the ladies but now the trend of printed hijab is increasing day by day. Animal printed scarf is very good if you are a college girl with your simple dress it give you a cool look and you can hold matching pouch with your printed hijab .


1. summer printed hijab for girls

Printed hijab is mostly carry with Patiala shlwar and short shirts with khussa because with hijab you look very nice and modest and if you are a Muslim then you can wear abaya with your printed hijab and the bold color blue hijab is best for people places and visiting place


2. summer printed hijab for girls

White and skin color printed scarf is   proper because skin color is very light and black is remain evergreen in every season and this scarf is apt for day time tour and lunch in hotels and in the da time the use of sunglasses must compulsory for you.


3. summer printed hijab for girls

Some healthy ladies have an issue that in hijab they look more fat and chubby but with prper dressing hijab looks nice and skirt with shirt and paisley and circle style hijab is great you can wear it on any party of your school and if you are teacher then it will increase your   personality charm more.

4. summer printed hijab for girls

Many girls wear jeans and plain shirt in summer because embellished dresses are not carrying able in summer because with very light colors dresses you should wear multi shaded lining scarf on the daytime decent look .


5. summer printed hijab for girls

Beige color is in the trend if you want to move with society   and you are a social lady and you want to wear hijab then you can wear one piece dress with   dots style hijab with light stuff coat   is best for the meetings with people and with the use of hijab you look modest and attractive.


6. summer printed hijab for girls

In the fall of spring the season of summer is coming very near so if we want to go with spring season then you can wear floral style printed scarf with maroon, golden and black hijab it is best for street style look and you can carry it with simple dress but if you like when you can buy floral style dress according to your dress.


7. summer printed hijab for girls

Bold colors are very inn in the dresses so if you like some bold colors then you can go with bold orange and yellow shade hijab with the use of glasses .It is best for those who like funky look and you can wear these dark colors in your office.

8. summer printed hijab for girls


Hijab is wear on the dresses and if you want much cover your body then you can wear abaya and hijab because with hijab you get chic look and who have round face don,t stole their face rather misri hijab is best for them.