Fashionable hair band can be ear in every season. Little girls also use it on festival occasion. Different hair band is embellished with satin dotted and net fabric seems beautiful with this material.
Shocking pink color look very nice on every girl. Simply but wonderful band is excellently made with the durable fabric. Lower band is made with soft fabric while upper flower is adorned with the tissue chiffon looks gorgeous. A white stone has been design at the centre of the flower. Band is the easiest way to cover the hair. Superb hair band is neatly can be worn with the matching dress. Color of strap is yellow while the upper designing has been done with printed fabric which looks very nice.

Gorgeous tiara is embellished with colorful ribbon in beautiful styles perfect for the hair decoration. It can be used with any types of dress make our ordinary hair beautiful.
Head piece or hair catcher beautifies the girls. Excellently hair band is beautifully furnished with silk ribbon. Ribbon band can be worn on light green color dress or dark brown appliqué dress.


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