Guys! As we know pets plays an important role our lives. And if we talk about western people then we know that they much loved with pet animals like dog and cat. They brought up cats and dogs and gave much attention and care like their children’s. They full fill their all needs. So if you keen to buy and brought up cats and worried about that what type of cat you choosed. Then don’t perplexed you should choose to buy Thai cats. Here we are presenting you a compilation of Thai cats. Let’s have a look…….

Siamese’s one of the cat generation which breaded on Thai landscape. This type of cat generation consist of classic, traditional, and old style Siamese. Some Thai cats have odd eyes such as one eye blue and one eye hazel, and some cats have similar eye color like brown, green, black, etc. These Thai cats has wedge shape head, long flat for head, no sharp nose break, and does not have longhair gene. Some cats have pointed color and some have white, black, brown, choclate, golden, . Saffron, biba, Vesta, Gloria, snowy, yum yum, meow, cady, duches, spookie, Rosie are female cats and teddy, rum tum, pipkin, titan, tinkle, nip, wick are male cat names. At the end we can say that whole the Thai cats are so beautiful, cute naughty, and eye pleasing.

Topic: Thai cats
Founded in: 1993
Colors: white, black, golden, brown, chocolate
Actual starting: 1900s