The “Lhasa apso” puppy is a non-sporting dog breed that is instigating in “Tibet” “Lhasa” is the capital city of Tibet and the apso words mean “bearded” so, the word “Lhasa apso” basically and conclusionly mean “Long hair Lhasa dog”

Over 4000, years ago, “Lahasa” breed has invented and originated from the area of “Malaysia” as a diminutive and small breed of mountain wolf.
The inventive and ingenious American pair of Lhasas was a donation from Tubten Gyasto, 13th Dalai Lama inward in the United States in 1933.firstly; the breed was called the Apso Lhasa Terrier, later the Lhasa apso.

The Lhasa apso is a diminutive, strong breed with a gorgeous conceal of hair that parts down their back from head to tail. Their temperament is exceptional, blissful and roguish, decorous and distant. Well-liked in the show circle, the breed also excel at activities that and face many challenges in the show ring easily,.
Lhasas come in many colors from black. Black tipping to light blonde to on ears and face are also familiar. The under coat is vaguely and dense soft while top coat is stretched and instantly straight,
*Height and size:
The height of this breaded dog nearly consist on 25 cm {9.75} inches while the weight is approximately consist on 13-15 ponds {5.9-6.8}

*As a pet:
Owing to his dedicated and demonstrative nature with loyalty affectionate these breaded dogs mostly loves to live with his owner and want to spend most of in time in outdoors,
The lawn of your house would too appropriate according to your pet demand, they loves to play toys another pet animals, they love to hunting and  jumped away from hills,

Breed: Lhasa apso
Originated from: Over 4000, years ago, from area of “Malaysia”
Means of lahasa Apso: “Long hair Lhasa dog”
Height: 25 cm {9.75} inches
Weight: 13-15 ponds {5.9-6.8}
Color: Black tipping to light blonde
Appropriate for:  As a domestic pet

Lhasa apso puppy


nice Lhasa Apso puppy

white color Lhasa Apso puppy