We are live in the modern era and new generation is using the modern techniques for taking the picture on different places. It become a crazy work, the people want to do consistently. Firstly the angel was misplace due to take the closer arms for take the picture that’s way introducing the selfie stick to take the right selfie.

People use the selfie stick for taking the selfie with a distance. Here we have some tips to take a right & straight selfie with selfie stick.

Selfie stick is a stick which has the holder of the smart phone and connecting with the rotate camera and with blue tooth. To take a right selfie you must straight your arms and take a center angel and give the face expressions and at that time you just click with Bluetooth. You can take selfie in any place.

Here we also have a collection of pictures that take the selfie with selfie stick, let’s have a look. There are tourist take the selfies with selfie stick, celebrities take the family selfie with selfie stick, take the funny family selfie with selfie stick and American president Barak Obama also take selfie with selfie stick.


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