Golden Rules of Shopping:

When we are talking about the shopping then a gender which comes into our mind, immediately, is female. Yes dear reads, women are conscious about the shopping then men. They are usually crazy about this task. If a free hand is given to the ladies then they can never hesitate to buy all those things which they like. They can spend a whole day for shopping without any kind of exhaustion & tiredness. On Sundays, they like to go on shopping. They show their intension about a specific item before the shopkeepers without thinking that it can leave a bad impact on their bargaining power.

They never care about the balanced budget. All these habits can destroy your shopping. But my dear ladies now it’s the time to bring some change into your way of shopping by following some specific rule of shopping. So, today, I am going to discuss some very important & easy rules of shopping with you. I hope that by acting upon these rules you can done this activity in a very proficient way.

Rule 1- Change your Day & Timing of Shopping:

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Dear ladies now you have to change your day & timing of shopping. If we talk about the day for shopping then it is observed that mostly people go on shopping on weekend or on Sundays. Due to lots of assortment of people on the shop on these days shopping can never be done efficiently. So, I suggest you to choose some other days for shopping such as Thursday. Less customers means cheaper shopping. According to some experts on Thursday mostly shopkeepers ad some ne items into their shop so that the people who will come on weekends can find their favorite product. Similarly avoid the shopping before the breakfast because at this time shops are not opened fully.  Late night shopping is preferable only in highly populated areas otherwise don’t go for a late-night shopping in less populated areas because there are great chances of stealing.

Rule 2- Control your Intensions about your Favorite Products:

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When you like a product at a shop then don’t express your positive intentions about this product because it can have a negative impact on your bargaining power. So, try to control your intension & show “I don’t care” behavior about the products.

Rule 3- Take Enough Money with You:

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Always keep enough money into your bag so that you can purchase the required products without any kind of problem. You can keep your checkbook or credit or debits cards also with cash money so that you can fulfill your need at the same time. The women who usually spends free hand, I suggest you to take only a necessary amount with you. In this way you can spend less in a better way.

Rule 4- Look towards Reliable Second Hand Products:

4 top 5 shopping rules

Don’t hesitate from buying second hand products because it is possible that you can find the required item such as clothes for winter or summer wear or some home appliances from thrift store. If you never find reliable products from these store then avoid shopping on that day & visit the again at another day.

Rule 5- Keep Your Monthly Budget into Your Mind:

5 top 5 shopping rules

Lastly, I want to advise you to keep your monthly budget into your mind. Otherwise you can do something wrong with you & your family by shopping out of budget.

Some other Rules of Shopping;

Along with these top 5 rules some others are also shown into the following picture gallery. By clicking on each picture you can get more guidance on shopping such as you should always choose best & trustworthy website for online shopping. If you like something then buy it but at a reasonable rate. The things which you never use then avoid from buying these products etc.